The End of the Collier Family

You’ve probably already figured it out by now, but the Collier legacy has ended.

You see, I had an old laptop that just couldn’t run The Sims 3 anymore. So I stopped playing and used said laptop for web browsing and writing word document stories.

But then, something terrible happened. I accidentally threw my cellphone through my laptop screen and it shattered. So in late September/early October my mom bought me a beautiful brand new laptop for my birthday. So I bought The Sims 4.

I was hooked on TS4 for a while but my heart missed TS3 so much, so it’s only been this weekend I installed 6 expansions and over 200 pieces of CC to this new laptop for one reason and one reason only – to write again. Now, unfortunately the Collier family is long gone but I started anew.

The Elliot legacy, the story of a young woman haunted by a drunken mistake forced to leave her home to move to a crappy town called Twinbrook. With one struggle on top of the other, Stella must make decisions. How far will she go for power? What will she do for money? Will love overcome all?

You’ll have to read to find out.


Victoria. ♥


3.5: Waffles Sound Great

Evie and I were settling into our new home nicely. She was finally settled in, and I had her going to weekly therapy sessions. It was a Sunday night and we were sitting on the couch, chatting about my old boyfriends in high school and how I used to hook up with everything that had legs.

Evie was in the middle of a confession when we heard a cry coming from outside. Concerned, I put a hand on my little sister’s shoulder, “stay. here.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded. She looked absolutely terrified.

I ran to the front porch, where a man was standing holding a baby girl. He had long, scruffy hair and a beard growing in. He looked like he would be a clean man, if not for harsh conditions. His hair was jet black and his eyes a golden, honey brown. His arms were strong and toned, a tattoo on his arm of an anchor implied to me that he was in the Navy. The little girl he was holding was shivering and whimpering. My heart broke for the stranger and his child.


“Hi,” he said in a sad tone. “I’m so sorry to bother you but yours was the only house with lights on and my daughter and I are so cold and hungry. We just need some warmth and hospitality. I hate asking for it but can I intrude for just an hour and I’ll be gone again.”

My eyes widened, sympathy taking over every other emotion.

“Oh my! Yes of course. Come inside, please. I’m Coady Collier.”


I led him into my warm home, putting some leftover spicy chilli into a pot and letting it simmer, heating it to the perfect temperature to eat it quick.

He downed the bowl of food, gratefully thanking me between bites.

“So, stranger what brings you to my doorstep at midnight on a Sunday night?” I asked, taking his bowl away from him when he assured me he was full. I filled up the kettle, boiling the water for a nice, hot cup of tea.

“I’m Bennett. I’m in the Navy. My ex-girlfriend just passed away, leaving me with my daughter. The problem is that I didn’t have… well, I’m just passing through.”

I gestured to my sofa, “Please sit. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yeah, actually,” he sat down, holding his daughter close, “Alexia keeps holding and tugging onto my hair. Could you maybe give me a haircut? I understand if you say no, but I just. I’m sorry. This is stupid. I shouldn’t have come here.”

“Oh my, Bennett! Don’t be silly. I would be happy to help you out.”Image

I went to the bathroom and found a large pair of shears, sizing up Bennett (and appreciating what I was seeing. I always knew that some army guys were hott, but damn) trying to find a nice style for him.

“So tell me more, why are you passing through here?” I asked, combing through the knots in his hair.

“I’m trying to get home. I just came from Roaring Heights.”

I frowned. “That’s strange. We just moved here from Roaring Heights. My 19 year old sister just passed away.”

“It’s a beautiful town.” He stated the obvious. I felt a pang of nostalgia and hurt in my heart, missing my mom, dad, and my sister Darci. I missed them all. I sniffed back tears and finished up Bennett’s hairstyle.


He laid Alexia on the floor and walked to the mirror in our entranceway.

“I love it!” he exclaimed happily. “I’ll be leaving now. Thank you for everything…”Image

“Don’t be stupid, we have a spare bed. Make yourself at home, have a good night’s sleep and tomorrow we’ll see how you and your child are feeling tomorrow. Goodnight, Bennett,” I smiled and walked into my bedroom, shutting my door and sinking into my bed. What was I doing?

I rolled onto my side, and let myself fall into an undisturbed sleep.

“Deeee,” I awoke to Evie’s voice and her hands shaking my shoulders.

“Go away Eve.” I grumbled into my pillow.

“Dee I need to talk to you. Get the fuck up.”

With a loud groan, I pulled myself out of bed. Evie was standing in her PJs, her brown hair in braids but her makeup done.Image

“Why aren’t you ready for school?” I asked in a motherly tone. She scoffed,

“I need to borrow something to wear.”

“You have thousands of outfits, why do you want mine?”

“Because it’s my first day of school and I want to look cool. Also, is there really a super hot guy sleeping in our guest room right now?”Image

Her eyes glistened with the excitement of juicy gossip. God, she reminded me of me when I was a teenager and that scared the ever-loving shit out of me.

“Yes. Get ready for school.”

“Ya gonna fuck him?” 

“No, Evie. Get ready for school. He’s here because he had nowhere else to go. I felt bad, and his little girl was so cold and hungry and sad.” 


“Why would he come here? Do you think it’s fate?”


She walked in front of my mirror, taking out her braids and combing her fingers through her hair. She walked through my dresser and rifled through my clothes. She found a nice lace dress and put on.

“I dunno, sis,” she continued, rubbing some lip gloss onto her lips and examining her flawless face. “I think you should just give him a ride. He’s hott, and you know for a fact that he creates gorgeous babies.”

“Evie Lynn Collier, go to school NOW.” I huffed in frustration. 

Evie let out an evil chuckle and walked out of my room, down the stairs and to her schoolbus. With a sigh, I walked into Bennett’s room without thinking.

“Hey,” I was greeted with the sight of his strong back. Holy shit. I felt a stirring in my lower stomach that I knew wasn’t hunger. For whatever reason, I wanted to have my nails scratching down his strong back. I wanted to feel those muscles rippling in under my fingertips.


I cleared my throat and watched him stand and stretch. He looked over his shoulder and smiled. This man was sexy. 

“Thanks for the hospitality, Coady,” he said gratefully as he walked towards the crib that was left in the house by the previous tenants. 


“Waffles?” My voice cracked in response and I blushed feeling like an idiot.

Bennett laughed at me, “waffles sound great.”

I walked to the kitchen and put my hands in my head. I was such an idiot.


3.4: Evie’s Despair

School was going fantastic. I was on the Dean’s List, and my life couldn’t be any better. Of course, anyone with a logical bone in their body knows that “too good to be true” is one of the truest life lessons anyone could learn.

I was on my way back from my first midterms of the semester – aced them all, thankfully – when my phone rang in my pocket.


“Hello there, Daddio!” I greeted cheerfully after seeing Dad’s name on the Caller I.D. Had it really been a month since I was speaking to him? It seemed like no time at all had passed.

“Oh, hold on Dad I’m getting another call,” Before he could respond I put him on hold to check my other call. It was Jeffrey, calling to tell me about some crazy party tonight. I ran upstairs to my room and changed into party clothes, taking down my hair and brushing it out.

“Alright, I gotta go my dad is on the other line! See you later!” I hung up the phone and answered my dad’s call. It was uncharacteristic of him to be calling on a Friday night. He knew I was most likely busy.

“Coady?” His voice was muffled, not like him at all. Was he sick? What was wrong.


“There’s been an accident. You need to come home right away. It’s your sister. Darci’s been hit by a car. She didn’t make it.”

I felt my world collapse and shatter around me. My baby sister, the one who could have been my twin if she was a little older was gone.Image


I felt my entire heart break, my world shattered apart at the seams. Here I was having such a good time, drinking, partying and having fun and my baby sister was dead. Dead.

I ran to my room and packed a suitcase. I would be home by the morning, and a part of me knew I wouldn’t be back.



I ran to the bus station, still clothed in my party attire. I hoped my friends here would forgive me for running off like this with no explanation, but I had more pressing issues than how many keg stands I was going to do that night.

Getting home, I ran to Evie’s side. She was a mess, throwing up in the bathroom. I pulled my little sister in my arms,dressed in black ready for a funeral that we never should have had to attend.


“Coady,” she sobbed into my shoulder “It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry!”

I stroked her hair, hushing her and kissing her cheeks.

“No no baby, don’t say that. It isn’t. Come with me.”

She looked at me with her brown eyes full of tears. She looked just like Dad.

Dad, who was too heartbroken to even look at us. He blamed Evie for the death of his daughter, I could tell. He blamed me for not being home to watch her. He blamed himself, for being so busy with work that he couldn’t watch our mentally disabled sister. He blamed mom for being unable to push babies out right and causing Darci to be mentally slow. He blamed everyone. Everyone but the stupid drunk driver of the car.

“Dee,” Evie tilted her head. “Come where?”

“I have a house bought in Sunset Valley. We need each other more than ever. Come with me.”

“What about mom and dad?”

“I’ll take good care of you, Eve. Promise.”





My new home was small and cozy. It was painted inside with bright flowers and had a small pond in the back. Evie ran inside and claimed her room. I forced her into the smaller of the two. I couldn’t have my little sister in a bigger room!

Since moving here, Evie had been quiet and forlorn. I couldn’t do anything to cheer her up.

I heard screaming coming from the living room, and rushed inside to see Evie watching American Horror Story.

“Awful scary for my baby sister to be watching, hey?”

I sat down next to her, and she rolled her eyes and shrugged.



“Eve you have to talk to me. Please. Do not shut me out. Let me in!” I begged.

Evie finally exploded.


“Do you realize that she wouldn’t be dead if it weren’t for me? Darci would still be alive. I was so ignorant to her condition, Coady. I had no idea that she would take ‘would you jump in front of a truck or something?’ seriously. I didn’t want her to die. Dee, you know how we get when we PMS. I was grumpy, sad, and all I wanted was to be left alone. It isn’t fair that my mood swing caused my older sister to fucking die!”

“Evie! Do not blame yourself. You couldn’t have known she would have taken you seriously. Besides, the guy who hit her was drunk. That drunk driver killed Darci. Not you, not me, not dad, nobody except for that stupid bastard of a drunk driver. You did nothing but be a little sister. Trust me, I had said thousand times worse things to mom and dad, even Darci when she was a kid and I was your age. You’re 15. You didn’t do anything wrong. All you did was be a kid.”



Evie looked to the sky, taking a shaky breath in.

“Coady it’s just so hard. One day I had this pain in the ass older sister. The next thing you know, she’s gone for good and the last word I said to her was ‘get lost.’ I have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life now. I have to live knowing that Darci was upset because of me. It’s all my fault.” 



“I know the feeling baby girl. But do me a favour. Keep your chin up and your grades good. Because I don’t wanna have to send you back to Roaring Heights. If you go back there, you’ll never heal and I promised mom and dad you would do great in school here.”

Evie smiled, pulling me into a hug.

“Thanks for letting me move in, sissy. I missed you.”

“I missed you too, kiddo.”

3.2: First Week of Classes

This chapter is probably gonna be a little boring. It’s pretty much just a “what Coady is up to in Uni” chapter. It should get dramatic with her new romantic interests, but do you really expect class to be fun? 😉

As sexy as I found Jeffrey, I knew that I was given a free ride in university and I had to pull my socks up to earn the scholarship I had been given. With my art background and my athletic personality I was given a few credits in both P.E and Arts if I chose to take a route in either of those courses. I, obviously, was going to do a P.E degree. I was so excited to start class. I felt the excitement bubble in my stomach, my chest, and my head. I felt it coursing through my blood. The adrenaline that you only feel when you go to a completely foreign place.


It took no time at all to be engrossed in my classes. I was so enthralled. Who knew how exciting HKR could be? Finding out how the entire body works and plays each roll blew my mind. I always knew some of the basics, but even though I was only a Freshman I was still absorbing all the information I could.

I spent my spare time in the library, unfortunately cutting all ties with Jeffrey. He was upset, claiming I was amazing and he was instantly drawn to me, but we had only known each other about two days and I felt like we were moving too fast. I didn’t have the time, nor did I have the drive to become someone’s girlfriend, or even their Friday Night Hookup.


When I wasn’t in the library I was in the gym, either in my dorm buildings or in the actual Campus Gym lifting weights or running on the treadmill until I was nearly exhausted. The training helped me feel less homesick though. I never called dad or mom anymore, unfortunately. All I wanted was to hear little Evie’s voice and hear Darci be unintentionally mean because she couldn’t grasp what was appropriate in a social situation or not.

Breaking into a sweat was so calming for me, it made me feel as if I was letting go of all my troubles and stresses. It was like my health relied on how often I spent in the gym. I never missed a day in the gym.



Given all of the extra credit assignments for the week, I didn’t have time to socialize or even eat. I had dropped weight while trying to gain muscle. It was unfortunate, but I looked good!

In front of my favourite professor, he stood me in front of the podium.

“Coady Collier, you’ve already shown so much potential. With midterms at the end of the week and finals next week you should pass with flying colours. Present to me what you will be writing your report about.”

“Professor Smith,” I gasped, my heart in my throat. “I don’t have any plans, sir. I was thinking about a pro-choice rant. You know, our bodies are ours to do with what we choose. Nobody can take that right from us.”

“Coady, that’s brilliant. Please, start.”

With a deep breath, I launched into my rant. I didn’t even think about what I was saying. The words just flowed off of my tongue like a waterfall, eloquent and slow. I spoke deliberately, and with passion. I was the only one who showed up for the extra credit assignment, so I focused on Professor Smith’s warm golden eyes. He was a second father figure to me here. I knew I could rely on him while in university. He was a great prof, and I admired him.


It was a Wednesday and I had gotten a call from Jeffrey. He was throwing a party at his frat and wanted me to come. I happily agreed. I had already reached the Dean’s list and I didn’t want to burn out. I knew it would be a good time to let loose and have some fun. I asked Jeffrey if he wanted me there to hook up or if he actually wanted my company. With a laugh, he assured me he wanted me as a friend. He said if he can’t have me as a lover he would accept the next best thing. I was grateful for his friendship. He was a genuinely nice guy under his rebel exterior.

I dolled myself up and headed to Jeffrey’s house. He greeted me with a hug and a glass of beer.



“My god,” I commented, licking the foam off of my lips. “That is refreshing. Haven’t had a good beer in years. It’s been cheap Costco brand” I joked.



“So that blonde guy over there says he slipped in you last night,” Jeffrey said to me, a little confused.

I was taken aback, a lot confused!

“Excuse me?” I snapped. “Slipped what in where? I hope to God you don’t mean he’s saying he’s having sex with me, because I am NOT scared to take a bitch down.”



“Calm down, Coady,” Jeffrey was in a panic. “You can’t just beat him up. Is it true?”

“Fuck. No.” I gritted my teeth, feeling anger soar through my body. I could see Jeffrey was feeling scared and uncomfortable.Image


“No. Jeffrey, you cannot stop this. If that asshole is saying shit about me he’s gonna hear something from me.”

I stormed over to him.

“Hey, fucktard!” I snapped, he turned around and tilted his head with a sleazy smile. 

“Hello beautiful, I was just talking about you.” He was staring at my chest. I felt so angry!

“No. No, you were not. You were just shutting the fuck up. I did not sleep with you, I don’t know you, and I do not appreciate you telling my friends that you did. You want to fuck someone? Go fuck yourself – because you will not get anyone around here once I’m done with you.”

I couldn’t stop myself, I pulled my hand back and all that was heard was the sound of hand against skin. His cheek was red from my hand print, and my hand was tingling from the slap.Image

“You just don’t do that. Nobody does that anymore! This isn’t high school. This is university. This is where you go to grow, and learn, and you are just being an idiot! No, I cannot think of a word that describes you. You’re disgusting. I don’t know you, and I’m sure as hell never going to sleep with you! I don’t even want to know your name!”

With that, he attacked me. I felt my defence mechanisms kick in and I started to wail on him. Fists were flying and people were crowding around, staring at us.

I knew fighting was bad, and I was terrified of how I would look for Thursday review, but I didn’t care. I had to protect myself and I had to do that any way I knew how.Image

I came out on top, as I knew I would. Image

I stormed out of the party, walking home.

The first week wasn’t even over yet, and I was already in a shit load of trouble.

I just hoped the dean didn’t find out that the girl on top of his list was crazy.



3.1: University Day 1

“Daddy I’ll miss you so much,” I sobbed into daddy’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry for how awful I was growing up. Sorry for the dozens of times I was brought home by the cops. I’m so sorry. I wish I wasn’t so bad.”

“Shut up, darling Coady,” daddy was trying not to cry but I know he had tears in his eyes.Image

“I’ll call every single night. I’ll only be a few hours away. I’ll be home for Christmas!”

I picked up my suitcase of all of my clothes and a few odds and ends and took a deep breath, saying goodbye to the family who I had spent the past 18 years with.Image

I climbed into the moving truck that held my big objects and told the driver where to go.

I stared out the window, possibly looking at the last sunset in Roaring Heights that I would ever see. I said I would be back, and I love my family so much. But I never wanted to step foot in this town again. I would miss Bets, and my two baby sisters and I would definitely miss my mom and dad, but I needed a fresh start.Image

My childhood wasn’t bad, not by any means. And at least I had both a mother and a father unlike daddy, but I was tired of the dreary life I had. I wanted adventure, I wanted to see the snow – something that I had never seen. I wanted to learn how to ice skate, but that was hard when I lived in a town that had no ice.

I wanted adventure, I wanted to see things that were completely new. And I knew the only way to do that was to leave my family behind. Forever.

I stepped out of the moving truck and looked up at the building I was sharing with a couple hundred others. I took a deep breath inwards.

I stepped inside and climbed the stairs. Room 206A. That was my new solitude.Image

The room was small and dreary. It was as colourful as a Charlie Chaplain movie. I knew I was able to give it a makeover so with the little bit of money I had saved up from my childhood allowances, I decided to get to work.


I spent my entire first day changing the room around. The only redeeming quality was the fireplace. It had so much potential to become a cozy getaway. I wanted that.

When I was finally finished redecorating, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. I was feeling very down and insecure. I wasn’t nearly as pretty as half the girls on this campus. They all were perfect and I knew what I had to do to become that.


I sat down on the chair in the corner of my room and cried. I was so alone and scared.Image

I got up and started pacing my room. I needed to do something to get my mind off of this loneliness. At least with two little sisters running around I had some kind of company. I was 18 years old. It was time to put on my big girl panties and get out there. I read about some collegiate sports on the university pamphlets. I was always into volleyball, so I figured why not?

I hopped on my bike and rode to the stadium and annex, looking forward to feeling alive again.Image

The gym was massive. It towered over me like the giant on top of the beanstalk. Like Jack, I would conquer it though. I changed into my volleyball shorts and my old high school jersey, throwing my long blonde hair into a ponytail and walking out to the court. There were a few girls and guys on the court. One in particular caught my eye. He was rebellious and he looked bored. He was talking to another guy, and we kept catching each other’s eyes.

I smiled shyly, looking downward and biting my lip lightly. He walked over.


“Hi,” I greeted quietly, extending a hand for him to shake.

“I’m having a party tonight. I’d love to see you there. Gleeman Court. It’s a frat.”

I nodded, “I’ll be there. Totally.”

He smiled. “You better be able to hold your liquor, sweetness.”

I laughed at him

“Darling I could drink you under the table and back again. I’m Coady.”

“Jeffrey. See you tonight, Coady.”

I felt my stomach flip. He was sexy and bad and he was definitely everything I should stay away from. He’s definitely what mama always warned me about. Hell, I’m the girl who mama warned me to stay away from. I walked outside, lit up a cigarette and walked back home, enjoying what was left to the day.

I went to my room and again checked myself out, putting on a short white and red dress with matching red heels. I looked okay, and I knew I was gonna attract some boys.

Walking in the door, I felt nervous. I walked over to the keg and poured myself a beer.

“Coady!” I heard Jeffrey’s voice behind me. I spun around,

“Hey! Help me do a keg stand!” I blurted.

He lifted me up, and I started chugging the beer back. It was bubbly and it hurt my stomach going down, but I didn’t care. This was fun!


Jeffrey laughed at me, amazed at how I was drinking.

He flipped me back over, but I lost my balance and fell face first to the floor.

“Owwwww,” I groaned. I suddenly felt nauseas, and I didn’t want to leave the floor. I was so embarrassed!Image

“Are you okay?” Jeffrey helped me stand, pulling me to my feet.

“No, you idiot! You fucking dropped me!”



“Don’t touch me!” I snapped, feeling angry. Beer always made me angry.Image

After thousand apologies, I just wanted to get Jeffrey to shut up.

I grabbed his hands and pulled him in for a sloppy, drunken kiss.


Walking home after the party, my mind was spinning from both the kiss and the booze. My first day of university was so long, but so worth it.

As I crawled into bed, the room spinning around me, I smiled. I couldn’t wait to see how classes were going to go.

2.8: Darci


“Darci! Get ready and go to school!” Mommy thought she was saying. To me, it sounded like white noise. I went to school and I sat in my special classes, being told what to do in a tone like I was stupid.

“Darci,” my teacher would say slowly as if I was completely dumb. “What’s two plus two,”

I would ignore her. I was a child, not an idiot. They always looked at me like I had two heads, and I didn’t understand why. I knew more than most of the kids in my class. I didn’t need help.

I would see Coady around school with her friend Betsy, and when I would try to talk to her, she would smile and wink but walk away and try to hide the fact that I spoke to her.


I was in classes they called “special” because I’m special, so they said. I didn’t seem special. I was just like Coady, except not as tall. Maybe a little smarter.

My little sister smelled, all the time. All I could smell was her dirty diaper. It was like the smell would clog my entire brain and I could see the smells.


When she cried it made my head feel like it was about to fall inward. To relax me I would play with blocks, which Evie would play with me. She was good company, when she wasn’t smelling and she wasn’t being smelly.

Coady told me she was proud of me when I would build towers.





“Good job, sissy!” she would cheer for me, a huge smile across her face. Coady always had a weird smell, like old skunk on her clothes. “Told you it was a piece of cake!”

“This isn’t cake,” I was always confused when she said “piece of cake” because there was no dessert there for me. I really did like cake but Coady never gave me any.

She would laugh at me, ruffle my hair and call me “kiddo.”

On Hallowe’en we went Trick or Treating.

“Here, kiddo!” She called behind her. “This is gonna be fun!”Image


I don’t know why Evie never spoke to me. Coady did, but Evie just wouldn’t speak to me. She was 7 years old, I was 15. Evie would always yawn and I didn’t know why.

Image Image

Sometimes when she said things to mom and dad, they would all laugh but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t get why they thought it was funny.

Coady was getting ready for University, but mom and dad told me I couldn’t go. She had two scholarships for both Physical Education and Art. Everyone said I should be proud of her, but I didn’t know what it meant to be proud.



I overheard some people call me “insane”. I didn’t think I was.


“Missy, I’m gonna miss you,” Coady said to me one day wearing her shirt from the university. She was moving away from home, and eventually away from Roaring Heights to somewhere she called Sunset Valley, or so she says. I don’t know where that is, but Coady seemed to love it.

I just nodded. I didn’t know if I was going to miss her, but I do know that I was not gonna miss Evie.

Hardest chapter I have ever written. I would not be able to write an entire generation in Darci’s point of view, so she is out of the running for the Heiress. As well, Evie is too young and Coady is soon gonna be a young adult. So I am choosing Coady as the heiress. She’s starting university next chapter. 🙂